Thursday, November 5, 2009

At Last, SSS Check was Encashed

At exactly 10:00 AM on November 6, 2009, I left the office to go to PNB - Shangri La Branch.  What is my purpose? - to attempt to encash my SSS Salary Loan check, which I failed to do so on November 5, 2009.

I saw the guard who first asked me yesterday my purpose.  But now, I did not even talked to him.  I went directly inside the bank and asked for my number and unexpectedly, I was number 71.  By the time I took my seat (in front of the New Accounts staff), which I was standing for about 20 minutes, the customer that was being served was number 40.  I sighed because this will took me about 2 hours to finish my transaction.  As expected, I was served at around 11:45 AM, short by 15 minutes from my estimate.  I know this because there are only two (2) tellers serving the customers and it took them 8 to 10 minutes to finish each transaction.

While in my seat, one of the customers approached the New Accounts staff.  The same staff whom I approached yesterday.  The customer was to encash his SSS check also.  He handed over the check and the voucher together with the photocopy of his IDs to Anna, the New Accounts staff.  At first, she disapproved the documents submitted by the customer since it lacked SSS ID.  The only documents he submitted were his Company ID and Postal ID.

Anna insisted that the customer should provide his SSS ID.  However, the customer really do not have the ID which Anna wanted.  Until, a certain Maui intervened in the conversation.  Maui asked the customers to fax them his pay slip. However, the customer said that he could not.  Definitely, because the customer is like a construction worker or utility worker.  Could the customer asked his supervisor/manager to fax the former's payslip?  Maui and Anna have certainly out of their mind.  They are not analyzing the situation.  Since, Maui and Anna could not force the customer, the papers were taken inside.  At about 30 minutes, the documents of the customer was approved.  Magic!!! Because yesterday, they did not accept my documents without my Company ID.  Maybe, we are different because I lacked my Company and the customer his SSS ID.

I was not supposed to inquire with Maui but due to curiosity, I did.  I commenced our conversation by inquiring to Maui this question.  "Are the SSS and Company IDs indispensable in encashing SSS check?"  Her answer was in affirmative.  I followed up my question in this way.  "If that is the case, then why did the customer's check was approved despite he lacks his SSS ID?  Maui was silent.  So, I told her my yesterday's experience.

She told me that there were incidents wherein several individuals encashed the checks of the others.  So, the SSS and Company IDs are indispensable to validate that the same person is encashing his check.  I told him that I have my PRC, SSS, Driver's License, and PICPA IDs.  But, she insisted that Company is required.  Is the Company ID the only way to validate the identity of the person?  Unreasonable!

According to her, they are only accommodating the encashment of SSS check considering that the drawee bank is PNB - East Avenue.  So, I told and showed her the voucher that the SSS check is negotiable at any PNB branch.  Is PNB - Shangri La and PNB - East Avenue have separate and distinct personality?????

We did not end with that.  I told her that if the two IDs are indeed indispensable, they should already indicated in their rubber stamp the said IDs and there is no need to fill it up by the customers except for the third ID.  I showed her the marked of the rubber stamp.  And surprisingly, Maui did not know that they have this rubber stamp! Is she really a bank's employee????  Could someone confirm her relationship with the PNB?

She turned her back and while about to go she told me that "if I want I will just encash the check to other branch".  After that, she did not return to the New Accounts place.  Good because I was about to have hot temper.

While awaiting for my number to be called, I have seen the suggestion box and commented on Maui's behavior towards customers.  Anna, who was there when Maui and I were conversing, might intentionally remove her name tag to be identified.

At last, my number was called and I was served by a polite and courteous teller that ease me a lot.

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